Thursday, November 30, 2006

back to good old Oz

Last visit to IndiaI was lucky enough to visit a friend of Prveen’s in Pushka.
His name is Ramsingh and he works for a volunteer organization ‘The Shakti Project’ helping street kids get a meal in their tummy, get an education and to develop a work ethic rather than a beggar mentality.
Prveen and I have made small donations to the project when we are in Pushkar and that is always appreciated, talking with Ramsingh and wanting to let more people know about what they are doing his response was very interesting.
The project depends upon donations as it has no government funding, I then suggested perhaps some of our tour visitors might like to bring some second hand clothes for the kids [ they we probably be coming with fairly empty bags anyway….] and he agreed that would be very useful and thoughtful of them, pencils, games and books are also very much appreciated But he said what would be the best thing to bring for the kids was a little time.
If any of our tour participants would like to donate an hour or two of the time we have in Pushkar, that would be so good for the kids.
Time to play games, time to practice English, time to build self-esteem through others showing an interest in them, just time nothing more was the best gift in his opinion…
They are lovely kids and it will also be time well spent for visitors having a laugh and a game with some nice kids.
If you know of anyone else visiting India that might be interested to contact them please pass along Ramsingh’s email address to them [ ] – he is only to happy for any assistance- time or otherwise. Their address is
The Shakti Project,
Behind Sand Baba Temple,
Purani Sabji Mandi Rd,
Marwar Chowngi , Pushkar,
Ajmer [Raj.]

The lovely view of mountains is the sunset view from the monsoon Palace above Udaipur - couldn't help myself adding it in to show you what another hard day at the office entails.

After all the fun and excitement of India - I love my jobs of teaching and tour leading and producing art for exhibition but they are work and very demanding work at that [...and fun, and stimulating and, and , and- don't get me wrong...but i do get tired sometimes.]

Prveen and I were lucky enough to be tourists ourselves for 4 days in Bangkok.
It was great to go somewhere new, explore and laze around. we took a day tour to the old capital of thailand and a river criuse back to the city and let some else look after us- heaven and so refreshing! thwe above temple picture is part of the Grand palace complex in Bangkok- how magnificent!
and boy can they do gold and mirror inlay, with lovely bowls of lotus flowers growing everywhere...wonderful to wander and soak up the temple atmosphere.
and yummy tucker each night for dinner,sitting in a street side cafe watching all the people go by.
I like holidays where you just relax- i have discovered. usually I am on my own and so set a cracking pace to see a whole list of things, this time we just let it unfold....

the last picture is out of my kitchen window back home. Spring has really sprung whilst I was away and all the roses are blooming, soon the waterlilies will blossom, nothing like a good garden.

nice to be home but so much to get done for my next exhibition and, and, and... i need another holiday!

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