Tuesday, December 05, 2006

so much to do!

Boy I am home, there is so much to do!

The office work is almost all caught up…. If you can ever realistically say that.
I had felt comfortable being away for so long because I thought my 2youngest boys were happy spending time with their father…only to return home and find that had turned into a disaster…oh well a lesson for all of us- leopards don’t change their spots!

So instead of getting stuck into this exhibition I have been gasping to get started with I have a lot of juggling to do to sort things more appropriately for the boys for the next time I am away.

I do believe things always work out for the best and have seen so many times how delays and hiccups give time for better things to develop…I really do believe that but some days I REALLY have to say loudly breathe, BREATHE it will all work for the best.

That first good day in the studio is always hard to crack when I have been away for a little while and these extra distractions are giving me more fuel to dillydally….

First thing is to find my notes and re-dream my inspirations, look at scribbles as I traveled there is a lot of grist for the mill there and get out to the studio! It won’t come and drag me but is waiting patiently for me to arrive….

Read a great article in a news paper in Bangkok, talking about the spiritual in art- loved the description of working methods as they are many things I too feel are important in a piece….good to contemplate now to find a working space……

sometimes when you can't get started to just go to the studio and go through the motins helps...i have rearranged some things dyed some fabric, dried it and got it off the line....some things to try out are starting to filter through but concern for my boys and details of life in general are proving a bit of a distraction...i know it but still letting myself get sucked in....
back out there again or possibly an afternoon nap????

picture is of roof decorations in Bangkok- i want some just like that!

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

I hope that you're planning to post the description of the working methods that you read in the article in a newspaper in Bangkok. I, too, like to contemplate the spiritual side of making art. I'm so looking forward to seeing your resulting work inspired by this trip.