Sunday, December 17, 2006

act of faith

making art is such an act of faith sometimes.

I returned home exhausted

and nothing much was happening even though I have been looking forward to my studio.

so I have just kept at the things I need to do like going out there getting things in order, dying a bit of fabric, laying out a peice ....etc etc, etc... waiting to feel the enthusism start to bubble up.

it has been a dry old time, but I have commitments to sulfil to a gallery and myself so had to keep plugging away at it.

well 2 days ago I started to see the way again. I re-grasped my original idea, realised the piece I had managed is really a posiibility for the future and not part of this exhibition and what I was wanting for this body of work!

yeh! as I was laying out a pice 2 days ago I could feel it starting to flow- for me the process doen't have a lot of thought in it it more tapping into a feeling and following that invisible path.

first though I have to trust that invisible path is there. when I am on it it seems so real but when I am looking for it I feel like it must be just a figment of my imagination.

reading this it reades like a religious experince doesn't it which i find surprising as I don't see myself as religious at all [ spirtitaul rather.] but i suppose both are about conecting to something greater than yourself?

b unch of English flowers for you- magical colour and so delicate

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thank you for finding the words to express what happens when "creating" a piece. Very recently a gallery owner had asked me about how the process leads me. I tried to explain that it doesn't lead me, but rather that it opens a door ... that it's the expression of a feeling or thought plus the dialog between me and the piece that happens. Wish I'd read what you've written here before that converstation.