Saturday, January 20, 2007

Guidlines to mindful awarness

I mentioned some time ago an article i read in a newspaper in Bangkok.
This is some of what it had to say...article by Karnjariya Sukrung in the Bangkok Post, 26th November, 2006

Guidlines to Mindful Awareness.
Artist -turned-monk PhraAmnart Ophaso suggests some practical ways to use art
to cultivate mindful awareness. These guidelines can be applied to children as well.

While appreciating art
Be aware of the feeling and thoughts that
are present. What is happening in your mind? What feeling is present? What thought is present? Like, dislike, pleased or confused, and so on. Accept the feelings as they are.
Just acknowledge like/dislike as a feeling, and don't identify it with "I". There is a feeling of like, this is how like expresses itself, it is light, glowing, and when dislike appears in the mind, there may be a sense of struggle or closeness within. Observe how these feelings remain and disappear or transform.
We can meditate with art or bits of nature that exude an aesthetical element for our eyes, such as the setting sun, fluffy clouds, swayingleaves.

While creating a piece of art
. Before working if you have an object that you want to draw or paint, spend time observing it completely. Appreciate it, without judgement or intervention of thought. Observe it long enough that you feel (if possible) that there is no division between subject and object. Or observe it long enough that when you close your eyes, the image can clearly spring up in your mind.
If you intend to draw or paint abstract topics, then contemplate the issues for a while until the concept is crystallised.
· Start working
Clear and relax your mind. Leave out expectations for success or beauty, competition of any kind.
Do not think as you spend some time to crystalise ideas. Draw with your heart. Allow the image to emerge in the mind and work on it each present moment. You may have an
idea when you start, but you should allow for fresh and spontaneous expression. In short, do not cling to the old ideas too hard.

... Be aware of the movements of your hands
Be aware of what is happening in your mind and hands while you are creating the work. What feeling is present? What thought is present?
If you cannot be aware with the present moment, the finished art work can help you contemplate.

Art for children
To inspire children to do art work is a good
way to help develop their meditation and awareness skills. One may tell them to draw or paint a picture for someone they love.

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