Monday, January 22, 2007

building an exhibition

It is most interesting developing on a body of work for an exhibition.
You need a theme, something, some idea you want to explore. Something that has enough substance to hold your interest and supportive of building enough work to develop an interesting exhibition.

Each piece then needs to be worked to a level where it will stand alone as a decent piece of art and the works as a whole have to have enough links that the exhibition feels like a unit.

I am using subtle repetition in the works I am creating for the Earthskins exhibition to connect things up.
Part of the point I am wishing to make is that the Earth is a whole- we are all connected to each other through our place upon the Earth.
Places I have visited are in many ways all the same – they are just different at the same time. A conundrum isn’t it?

There is a beautiful Jain temple I regularly visit in Ranakpur. Contemplating the place and its design has taught me so much. [ I am not a Jain, by the way but do appreciate their teachings. A Priest at the Jain Temple in Leicester was once kindly telling something of their teachings to some friends and myself.
One thing he said was along the lines of …even if you don’t understand or want to know of the teachings visiting the Holy centres will bring much to your life.hhmm?]
Back to the temple in Ranakpur.
It is a very fine temple- intricately carved in white marble- the place almost glows with vitality.
That vitality really caught my attention and I have wondered how it comes about.
Surely a large part of it is the beautiful site , all those hundreds of years of people feeling wonder there, all those special experiences of the divine….some though I think also arises from the architecture of the place.

There are 1444 marble pillars supporting the temple. Each beautiful in its own right, intricately carved- together though they create this wonderful forest so stone- they are all the same BUT different – I think this is contributes to the dynamic feeling of the place. And it is like a living embodiment of life as well.
If those pillars were identical the place would not feel vibrant rather bored, dead even.

Thinking of the pillars has helped in making good decisions in creating the pieces for this exhibition…I hope.
above a few more snippets of these works....
only a few more to go!

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