Sunday, February 25, 2007

10 days ago

I have just been on a jaunt to Ahmedbad with my friends. It is in Gurgurat about 250 km south of Udaipur.
It is a funny place I have been there twice before and frustrated by the place. Hard to find something to the place. There is one of the world’s leading textile museums there – The Calico Museum which I would love to take my groups to but nothing else to soften the place. Well we went down for the museum- wonderful!
And found a great place to stay House of MG it is called. A heritage hotel with yummy food and rather flash.
In the evenings there is a night market at the Law Gardens- this could be called sparkle central- everything is beaded and sequined and sparkles , sparkles, sparkles- so gorgeous in the evening lights. And a book shop like no other. Art Book Centre specialist on books on Indian Art, Textiles and Architecture
A beautiful collection, so many inspirational books and they will post them anywhere.
Everywhere just like everyone has something lovable about them it is just up to us to find what it is so we can appreciate it/them.

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