Saturday, March 17, 2007

lost worlds

Mandu, one of prveen's favourite places was a treat [ the water inlet for the Rose pool at Mandu palace]

It is perched onto of a plateau with steep ravines to all sides and left unused about 300 or 400 years ago.

today it is way, way, away from anywhere, so peaceful and quiet [ all of madyr Pradesh feels like that really as the are so few foriegn tourists- not like frantic rajasthan always someone trying to get your attention!]

on the way we had a lucky find of a pleasnat gentleman and his family, they were just lying some newly dyed fabric lengths out to dry as we were driving past.

one of those funny moments prveen and i were chatting, glanced out the window , thought oh a man dyeing cloth but kept moving on. a few seconds later the penny dropped and as i called stop his foot was hitting the brake. we looked at each other was that what we were looking for ?? and reversed up quickly.

we met a charming fellow mr Abdul, who took us to his house, showed us what he was doing- very rustic block prints and dyeing for the local market and he is happy for us to bring groups to visit him and learn how to do it. I think he was rather bemused at my interest in what is a lowly profession in rural india but still was happy to oblige showing us all we were interested in.

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