Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tiger spotting anyone?

We went Bhandavgarh National Park for a bit of tiger spotting.

i was told you have between a 99% and 110% of seeing tigers here as they have the reputed largest concentration of wild tigers in their park.

Elephants are always mentioned in the literature so i had visions of being on an elephants back spotting tigers, but unfortunatley it is only the mahouts who go out on elephants to locate the tigers and then guide the tourists in jeeps in to view... i saw many smiling tourists leaving the park.... so guess there were tigers about

we had a spot of car trouble so all were had time to spot was a mechanic.

Prveen has seen tigers many times and assures me it is wonderful and next time i too will be able to join the satisfied ranks of tiger- in - wild viewers. an onand onto Bopal

a very beautiful mosques and a wonderful labarinth of ally ways in the old is huge and seems to weave on and on with all types of things for sale.

we also stopped at Bhimbetika- an erie[ speeling malfunction- but can't hink of the right spelling at the momnet] place with 500 rock shelters and paintings dtaing back 12,000 years.

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