Thursday, March 08, 2007

satisfaction of enjoyable work

Back in Delhi, exhausted but happy. It has been a good tour, lots of laughs.

I could tell when the ladies were around by the laughter floating by. We have been here there and everywhere looking at many things and shopping. Even on Holi, when everything is shut a few of our ladies managed to get a shop opened for them to look at a little jewelry…now that to me seems like dedicated shopping!

He were in Jaipur for the spring Festival of Colours –Holi. It is a festival to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated by ‘playing colours’, which means you have bags of coloured powder which you proceed to cover your friends in. A lot of fun- the trick though is to keep your eyes and mouth closed when someone is throwing colours at you!
There is a photo showing some of our merry crew, covered in Holi colours.

In Jaipur we were also lucky to see there Elephant Festival, this is not an old traditional festival rather a new one giving the town the chance to show off their many wonderful elephants.
There was Elephant polo, tug of war, parades and of course a chance to dress your elephant up in all the finery you can find. The photos show the one that was later declared the winner. A magnificent beast, amazingly painted and covered in sequined embroideries. He also had many old silver ornaments on under the sparkles, Chains of bells around his ankles that tinkles as he very delicately crossed his ankles in a dance movement, earrings that were about 3 feel long and much, much more. So gorgeous.
Elephants are very alert animals and seem to take a keen interest in what is happening around them- their personalities seem to show strongly. This fellow, whilst a dignified gentleman seemed happy to discreetly show off how wonderful he was. A younger one just up the line seemed a bit like my teenage sons- happy to show up for the party but saying to his mahout – when can I get out of here man…this is so boring.

Our tourists are off home today- Prveen and I are going to Madhyr Pradesh to sort details of a new tour for next season and finalize our next season’s Indian Adventures to Rajasthan…all that hard work of finding the right place...having to have dinner in nice restaurants to see what the food is like… we are going to HAVE to go on tiger safari on elephant back to see if that will work in the schedule and look at many wonderful things to work out which we can fit into our itinerary.
It will be a lot of fun but as we are on a tight schedule – exhausting. Still what an office to work in!

Prveen and I are partners, which brings many pleasure. One is working together on our tours. We each have areas we look after and much we do together. Prveen organizes the cars and drivers, it has been amusing watching him pack the cars each day… there is a fleet of luggage handlers from the hotels , the other drivers all with opinions and advice and he is trying to get everything into its pace. As the tour progressed I noticed the ladies bags begin to expand and in the last week or so he has had to reallocate roof rack space as they would not fit in the same way! Our ladies have very kindly much such efforts to help the Indian ecconomy....


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