Monday, April 09, 2007

setling in

9 The pictures are of Gwalior Fort- it keeps coming back into my mind- I look forward to seeing it again..
then people coming to the Festival and the wonderful sunset...imagine the soft sounds of mourning swirling around the evening- melancholy and yet so beautiful
April 9

I am finally starting to feel at home, sorted out all the accrued paperwork and done a little bit of housekeeping.
Because of this, that and the other I had to leave my boys at home whilst I was off, they had a freezer full of food, they are house trained and have always participated in running the house so I knew they would be fine… my friend Dawn popped in every few day to touch base and it turns out many in my small village have also been keeping an eye out. All reports have been good.
I am proud of my big boys even though I felt a bit guilty leaving them… I know it has to happen one day but I enjoy doing the mum thing with them and it is hard to step back.

I went to the studio for the first time today- as nervous as a teenager on a first date…sometimes I freeze on the first visit back and have to coax myself back into the swing but this time it was easy….well lets see how the pieces look when they come out of the washing machine.

When I was off traveling with Prveen we found his wonderful place out in the middle of no where- great hosts, wonderful food, lovely old palace.
The day we arrived was a special festival of the Adivasi people. They gather at a special spot where two rivers join and mourn the dead.
Our host invited us along so we thought why not.
We were deep in the Arevalli Hills which is rather remote and seems quite empty.
We drove along miles and miles of dusty tracks – it was hard going because of the clouds of thick dust flying up. And came upon this beautiful spot by the river. There were streams of people flowing out of the hills… they come and sit by the river to mourn those who have departed in the past year then after sunset have a picnic and sing and dance into the night.

It was extraordinary how many people could walk into the one spot- literally thousands…
And why am I telling you this story?
Sitting on the river bank watching the sun go down, the colours were beautiful and all the thoughts that had been swirling around me head for my next series of work had a direction. I have been working on the idea of leaves, started collecting leaf prints I places I have journeyed to but it started to seem more to be about leaving…
I am always leaving those I love behind circling around so I can come back to them, these people were mourning those who have left, knowing they too would be circling around to return one day…..

Coming home is always good, I spend time with my friend Dawn, I am always collecting up stories and images to share with her when I get back…it is lovely to have a friend who you know will enjoy and be amused by different incidents and stories I have experienced.…it is also I realize a foundation to the works I go on to make as they well up from memories and impressions.

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