Friday, April 13, 2007

tourist at home

I realised I may have been away to long when on the day I was driving home I looked out across the valley and thought where is my camera- that is a fantastic view.
then went oops, in my mind, this is home.
I have been maddly preparing for my next adventure, dyeing silk, cutting the grass and refilling the freezer for my boys.
look at my lovely silks and take special notice of the roses in the background- it is really them I am bragging about.
working in the studio is a good to chance to daydream... and one image that keeps coming to mind is the snow filled misty landscape I drove through on the way to Robin's place in the USA.
such a different world. when I left the sun was shining and all that white was disappearing but they have had another snow storm and this is down the road from her house... has my daydreams are all refuelled. Wow such a different landscape from what i am used to.....

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