Wednesday, May 16, 2007

home and all systems go

I'm back and have so much to do i don't know where to start.

I received some flyers for a workshop I am teaching in Sydney in a few weeks only to discover the 2 workshops i have done for that venue have been rolled into one!

that happens sometimes, at first i was shocked...- but most fortuituos really... i have been dreaming of a new idea for a workshop but not had the time in the daytime to work it out, so now I have the chance.

it will involve felt, cutting it and reassembling it, drawing inspiration for Hundertwasser and Klee. some of my earlier works derive from these ideas and I have been wanting to re-establish contact so here is my chance.

above is a deatil of an old piece, there was a lot I liked about its look and it will be good to re-examine the process

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