Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Glorious trees in Canberra

above a flower in the garden and below a stitched one- amazing!

May 21, 2007

The year is flying fast!

There has been a lot on the news since I got home about there being only 2 companies supplying 80% of Australia’s groceries and surprise, surprise they are pushing the prices up much, much higher than in any other country in the world.
I do check out food prices when traveling and have noticed everywhere seemed much cheaper- even when I worked out the exchange rates.
Is this a surprise -? If our government allows the lack of competition to happen?
How can we fight back? In a world focused on money, the best way is to use our dollar [and quietly we will probably save ourselves a dollar along the way!]
Shop at the local fruit and veg shop, a butcher shop, a bread shop, the corner store.
Anything but a store belonging to a chain.
I always try and get fuel at the local petrol station, we are a long way out from the big town so it is slightly more expensive but he is a family owned business, 2 km from my house [not 50km] and while there are independents around we have some choice in the manner.

FIGHT BACK- use your $$ to speak for you, the govt, who should be doing this type of thing certainly is not!
Canberra, this week end. Teaching felt making to a great bunch of people.
We were at Canberra Needlework Canberra Needlework
Our hosts were Jo and Robyn http://www.canberraneedlework.com.au/.
First off I did a bit of sightseeing.
I only visit Canberra every so often and am always struck by its feel of being a giant park. It has been hit very hard by the drought. Gum trees when stressed will tend to drop a limb to survive and so the council is obviously keeping an eye on this so those limbs don’t fall on anyone’s head.
Driving into town I saw so many trees that were almost bare sticks conditions have been so bad.

If you are in Canberra check out the National Portrait Gallery- a great photographic exhibition by Nathalie Latham “Australia’s Creative Diaspora” and a bit of an indication of the state of things for artistic people…

The National Gallery of Australia has a new Asian Wing- gorgeous display of pieces, good Print exhibition showing the history of Australian Print making.

I am a textile artist for sure, but know the more I get to see and think about the better I can work at my work. All viewing, thinking, contemplating is educational and helps me move from looking at things to seeing a lot more in them.

The Dickson shops has a good eat street, there is a Chines BBQ shop that does the best Duck and noodle soup- yum. I always try and have a lunch there when I am in town.
Belconnen Markets are wonderful for fresh and interesting produce- certainly a great place to start fighting back.

At the National Botanical Gardens, a beautiful garden with a wonderful display of Australian Natives [ also suffering from the drought] there is a great exhibition called “Blooming Threads” – stitched, machine embroidered works be Lynne Stone. When I walked into the room I could see cuttings from flowering gums displayed in the glass display cases, was wondering how they were keeping them alive and where was the stitching?
It turned out they were the stitching, they looks real! Beautiful Australian Flowering Gums.

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Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hello - first time visiting your blog and your amazing work - would love to find out about any workshops you are planning in Canberra - had a laugh about the chinese BBQ - my regular dine-out - great BBQduck spring rolls!!!!