Friday, July 13, 2007


Been a busy week, last week I had an opening of my work and a friend's in a show called 'Leaf' . turned out to be an apt name, we both look at them in our work and i keep finding them in my hair and clothes after work on the farm!
it is on at Forsight Galley, 33 Union St, Cooks Hill, Newcastle, NSW
if you would like to visit.
lovely to do it on home turf as so many friends came to the opening.
At home still pulling out lantana, it must rate as the best exercise ever!
I now remember what it is like to have muscles as I can feel mine!
trying desperatly to get to the studio but the office conponent of supporting yourself through your artist work takes up a huge amount of time.
My tours , where I can share some of my findings in art and textiles are coming along very nicely.
the development process, though involves much thought in developing office systems, marketing and all these things I have never seriously thought of before so this baby, which is already hatched can continue to grow and prosper.
good discipline, and I want to pack in as much as I can for people[ and take time to chill, so we can soak up places] this will only come about through serious organization before hand.
All my years as a Steiner teacher and the one hundred and one camps, performances and productions we put on is really paying off in being able to develop a checklist and tick things off.

happy snaps from top to bottom gallery, gallery, my mate the wonderful Pat, me

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