Tuesday, September 04, 2007

miracles and kindness

4 September.
The world is really full of magic and kindness.
I was thrilled to be accepted into Quilt 2007 and was spouting on about it on an online quilt site.
One kind lady from the UK offered her congratulations and said she would report on the show to me, as have some other dear people.
It was very kind and thoughtful, and via email she sent me pictures and told me about the show.
Today in the mail I received a copy of pictures of my work, catalogues and all the paraphernalia from the show!
What a truly kind and generous thing, I am so surprised and grateful.

I have often seen a bumper sticker in Sydney, saying “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”
Having been the recipient I can tell you it feels wonderful to be the recipient.
And inspiring to look for ways to follow the suggestion.
Thank you dear lady.

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