Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3 September

3 September
Just back from Western Australia,
Busy week teaching some great groups of people.
I had a break of 2 days and some friends very kindly took me out of town to visit the Pinnacles. What a wonderful surprise created by Mother Nature!
An enormous family of rocky growths, I know it sounds rather romantic personifying the rocks but really each group seemed to have its own personality. We came around one corner to find a group of medieval monks turned to stone, then later another group so ancient they were all craggy.

So wonderful being there, the weather was freezing but I could not stay in the car I had to keep jumping out to walk around and amongst them.
We stayed over night at Cervantes - all the streets were named for south Spain, which was interesting as I have been researching there area hoping to visit next year.

The next day on the way back to Perth we went wildflower viewing- stupendous. Each square meter is full of many, many, many beautiful, colourful wild flowers. This is really the time to visit Western Australia.
I have so much inspiration to turn into a series of small flower studies.

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