Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Gosh, thank you for the encouraging comments I have been receiving…

All has been going well- excellent in fact, just I have been running around like a chook without a head!

Creative juices have gone into producing a large body of work but not really of an artitic nature- although I do feel I am creating something unique.

Last night I was watching a doco on SBS TV – it was a great and inspiring story of the difficulties involved in putting a nativity play on in South London. Wonderful story of courage and hope as these young people extended themselves.

For me the views along the Thames reminded me of what is extraordinary about London. The river, its banks and some of the institutions along its banks are certainly what makes London special for me.
The mighty trees, Tate modern, The Tate, OXO Towers, a sense a space and the way the water rushes along….
Everywhere has a special ness, sometimes I find it hard to see what it is and can be a bit ho-hum about places. London is not, for me, a place that grabs me easily- no feeling of a hug or being embraced by the place at all- but then the English aren’t really that type of nation.
It is full of a richness, a wealth of experience and something…. A place to appreciate… and understand what it is you are appreciating, ..if I am lazy I can find it easy to become a bit cool, just apply a smattering of enthusiasm and things change though!

Here is a quote from someone in the documentary about the enormous undertaking they had taken on.
“First it seemed like mission possible,
Then reality started to dawn and it seemed like mission impossible
Then it actually happened!”

It was mission POSSIBLE after all- just needed perseverance and hope.

Have a great new year I hope it brings many rich opportunities for growth and happiness.

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