Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benhizir Bhutto, us , waterlillies

30 December, 2007
I cried yesterday- Bhezir Bhutto shot dead!

What a world- everyone one is entitled to their own opinion and a safe chance to speak out.
How locked in, frustrated some must be that they think hurting themselves is the only way to make themselves heard. There lies great sadness on both sides of that act.

Until everyone on our Earth feels it is safe to speak out and they will be heard, perhaps also it is safe to listen to other people’s ideas as well we collectively have a long way to go.

I know I did not do it, you did not do it… most people we know would not do it, but those that did are somewhere along the line part of our family, we all have the same address= Earth. We need to look at our gestures, our thinking , what we turn a blind eye to as the first small steps to helping heal the Earth and all her people.

How philosophical… really that incident pulled me out of my small world of website building…and organizing details of my business so I can hand them on to others
[ delegate- interesting concept when you are used to being a one woman band!]
and I can have a bit of time to think of my studio…. I leave in a few days for a very busy 4 months … hopefully when I get back studio time.

I have really enjoyed this period of intense building [ I know the idea is good -hands on tours- but you must support any good idea with the hard work of organizing all the details]
You can’t just whack things together- you have to realise all the links between things, look at how to connect them up in as simple a way as possible – gosh it is just like life.
Keep it simple, but to do that you must be aware of what is involved!

Any suggestions from your experience about marketing would be greatfully appreciated, I am learning this side of things as I go.
Just like being an artist if you don’t show anyone your work how will you be discovered?
My photographer friend Ant Lynch just sent me through some images for the website[ he is teaching on a few tours for us- I can't wait to assist Parveen and I will act as host on that tour we will learn so much from him! and he is a great laugh as well!]- I love these, they just sum up Vietnam for me.


Roxy said...

Hello Miss Wright, my name is Roxanne Antoniou, I hope you don't mind
me leaving a comment here but i did try to email you with the address you gave on your website but it didn't seem to work.

I am studying textiles for A level at a small
school in London(England) called The Mount. I am extremely interested
in your work and would love to write about how your work has influenced
my own. I was wondering if you could please tell me about your own
influences and what inspires you with your work? Where your ideas are
from and how you simplify it?

Thank you so much,

Roxanne Antoniou

my email address is

Karen Wentworth said...

What a hautingly beautiful photographs of the waterlillies in the mist... :)