Sunday, January 27, 2008


12 January, 2008

Just had another wonderful week at the Wanganui Smmer School of the Arts. Come for a holiday take a week here and a few more to wander around, do this first as you will meet so many people and get the low down on so many great places to see.
I really enjoyed last year such a friendly and beautiful place this year was especially nice as the tutors were all housed in this great guesthouse Anndion Lodge where there were great communal areas and we got to hang out on the lounge each evening and talk, tell jokes, and just unwind. Heaven having such convivial company, really is the icing on the cake.

My class were really rewarding to work with, they listened and experimented and by the end of the week when we had a debriefed together we were all proud to see the very individual approach each had taken.
I like teaching, I get to share things that interest me with a groups of people that are interested.
Longer gigs are great as I don’t spend all my time travelling.
I think this year my see me start to wind down on the shorter courses, just take the longer ones and concentrate on my tours- that is 2 or 3 weeks to hang out together and explore. If I can concentrate my work times I will also have more studio time.
I have been so busy on the day job\, the studio is neglected and I am starting to feel it.
A few more months on the road and I will be home with a few full journals and really itching I suppose

I have included a self portrait with broach, this was a gift from one of my students and is the beach whwere we were- you can see what I love about the place.
This young lady will also be one to watch in the future just off to Uni she is already doing yummy things[ like me she uses food analogies as well]

Wanganui is a centre for glass, wonderful glass makers abound, I have just started daydreaming with a few people I have met we hope to build an exhibition together and put it on when I return in 2010 – if that is how it goes.

Many wonderful people, such rich creative island I do look forward to my next visit to the Land of the Long White Cloud, look at the cloud scenes from the plane and notice the blue of the sky, NZ has the sweetest and purest blue skies I have seen anywhere a huge part of their attraction.

13 Jan, 2008-01-13
0n the plane again, life is seeming a bit of a transit lounge at the moment.
Just flew Singapore Airlines new very large A380. Wow so comfortable- lots of room., service as always good.
I go out of my way to use Singapore airlines if I can- they look after you very well, seem much more modern than others and have much better connections and arrival time from my experience.

Delhi tonight- can’t wait and off on tour am looking forward to 3 days in Jaipur doing a natural dyeing workshop- always so much to learn and interesting good fun.

Just trying to register for free internet here in Singapore but they are slow sending the SMS with my password, not sure when this will get on the web… oh well, it is amazing to consider it could, same as they old mobile phone- you now expect them to work everywhere and nothing to be delayed… were they saying the same thing when massages could get delivered at the speed of a flying pigeon?

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