Thursday, January 10, 2008

In NZ at the moment, hanging around the airport waiting for a conncetion.
It hit me why I so enjoyed NZ last year.
The place is so relaxed, it is like a big country town. You might not know everyone but you live in the same town and could one day so it is OK to be open and friendly now. City you are anonymous so why make the effort?
It is interesting the pace is relaxed and this is one airport where I have noticed they call out late passengers by name [ and there is a lot of them sometimes] and point out EVERYone else is on the plane and waiting for them so they should hurry up!

It was rather emotional leaving for this trip, usually I have boys to go home to but this time one is heading off to Queensland because he has finished school and he is looking for an adventure, my youngest is going to go to college and so has had to move to his Dad’s for the train.
I have no reason to return to my house [ without someone there it does not feel like a home]…the end of an era for me.

I still have many dear, dear friends in Australia and had a wonderful dinner with some of them before I left, I am thinking I’ll pack up my house, rent it out and visit with friends when I am back in Australia in April, then when I leave in August for teaching and tours I don’t really need to go back except to visit.
Parveen and I are working on setting up a home [ and guesthouse ] in India so will just need to get a wriggle on- I need a studio to come home to!

Big changes, and good changes still I feel nostalgic for my little boys although I most certainly don’t want to return to those most gruelling days of being a single mum. Strange how you can have both feelings so strong in you.
Time to pick myself up and work positively in the present rather than long for something that has passed and was not easy at the time. I don’t wish to attract that level of struggle into my life again.
It is easy when feeling stressed to become a workaholic and take on to much.

I have lots to do this year but my new years resolution is to explore the idea of a holiday, actually work out how you sit and relax, do nothing, chill out, I have heard other terms for it but have a mental block on them and possibly what they entail.

I go to exotic places regularly but am always working, we have a lot of fun then I go back to my room and do paperwork, office jobs and etc, same when I am travelling to somewhere new, now it is always looking, evaluating, taking notes, documenting the whole thing….I think in a holiday the theory is you do nothing like your day job- hmmm thank fully I have a whole year to get my head around what I do.

10 January already,
The week is starting to fly away!
The Whanganui Summer School of the Arts is a great event, excellent tutors [ I know I am one of them- I am talking about the rest!] friendly and very pretty little town, excellent facilities and great time., there are the classes, talks by tutors, art exhibitions, socializing and heaps of people to share interesting conversations with.
I am so enjoying my class, great bunch of enthusiastic students, working well, we went to the beach the other day to use it as a focus for a project during the week. The beaches here are amazing, black sand, golden, honey coloured cliffs and white, white , white mountains of drift wood. Then when you get up close to the cliffs you can see there is a bugs or shellfish the eats these wonderful patterns into them [how do you eat and island? One chew at a time!] take a look at my pics…. the cliffs should come out more golden, just my camera.....

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