Tuesday, February 12, 2008

isn't life unexpected sometimes?

I am in Pushkar and was just walking up through the back alley ways towards my hotel and was struck at how surpriseing things can be sometimes.
it was just over 4 years ago I was in Pushkar for the first time,
4 and a HALF YEARS AGO I HAD NEVER REALISTICALY THOUGHT i WOULD EVER GET TO India [ sorry about the capitals- just a typo not shouting]

and here I am putting in a few days with Shakti Project and planning to start looking for a property just outside of town to make this place my principle place of residence... amazing really.

I now have a mobile coonestion for my computer so i can email where ever I can get mobile phone coverage- not bad for someone often called a Luddite? huh?

Finally the weather is warming up a little and wedding season is starting- which means loud drumming, brassbands in the streets at all hours and lots of fireworks going off. all exciting but noisy!

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