Monday, February 11, 2008


The world is the same over- Sunday afternoon, here it is the family camel parked on the front lawn getting a brush down, back home it would be the family car getting a wash!

I am in Pushkar for a few days before my next tour.

Left Delhi at 5.30 in the morning...just like an unruly child when asleep seemed vulnerable andmore loveable somehow.

I was surprised to see

so many sleeping on the street or huddled around small fires. It was very cold.

I am in Pushkar to brain storm with Ramsingh of the Shakti Project for a few days .

we are going to try making yummy jam- and sell it in some of the hotels. the only jam you get in India is red and sweet- can't decide on the variety, so perhaps it will be a goer and give some much needed funds to run the project.

It could slao be the start of a small enterprise- we will try and get some of the parents involved who will be able to earn a wage... really re-inforcing the idea of not begging if parents do this.

should be a good idea.

any other small enterprise ideas out there?

when you look at the size of things needed it is huge, one thing to get the kids off the street and into school, we need to help them find something to do after that to earn income. there families beg because they have so few skills. and in this rapidly changing world they are getting left further and further behind.

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