Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bruges and beyond my wildest imaginings...

not quite the little french bistro I had imagained...but warm on a bitterly cold night.

Bruges truely is a pretty as a picture, the chocolate delicious [I only bought them for research!] and I hear the beer is great...I know the red wine is!

My favourite piece of lace at the museum- so clever, the longer you look at it the more little things you see woven in ti it- truely a magical cloth! There is a bird and butterfly just there what else can you find?

12 March 2008
Had a delightful day wandering around Bruges, which is saying a lot- the weather has been awful!
The place truly is picture book perfect. Walked into an old nunnery and there was a field of Daffodils, so many gorgeous old buildings in such a good state of repair, the Lace Museum was charming, there is a photo of a section of my favourite piece, it was so clever it seemed to have an overall pattern but when you looked closely there were all theses surprise inclusions, birds, peacocks, dogs, lions…most interesting.

Bruges is where my European Tour is finishing, it will be great it is only small and so easy to explore where ever you wander is delightful, food is great, people friendly and we will be having Dijanne Cevaal join us for a design workshop based on some of the things we see. Heaven.

Reporting on fact finding seen lots of lovely lace, chocolate shops everywhere and what I have tasted is excellent, apparently 140 types of beer are available and they are all good but I will need others to do that research for me!

Off to Paris today and Andalusia tomorrow- should be a bit warmer, it got up to 12’ C yesterday with a biting wind….
Oh well they place is still exciting for all that it must be wonderful on a warmer day!

13 March 2008.
Had to laugh I am on a train going through the very beautiful French countryside heading to Beauvais which is where I get my flight to Madrid, can see many little villages all with a restaurant or bistro, am thinking yes I will have a meal in a place like the tonight, very local, yummy.
Arrive at Beauvais, looks charming hard to wait in a freezing wind for the taxi eyeing off a nice looking place across the road, just about to weaken and go in when the taxi arrives so jump in thinking I will find something even more charming we head through a nice town and the turn onto a motorway! All new and modern, and my hotel is in a strip that could have been anywhere in the States or Canada!
I ended up having dinner in a Canadian diner- the Buffalo Grill!
Life is full of the unexpected!

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