Monday, March 10, 2008

Paris and spring hopes

snap shots of the mountains in the north of Pakisthan what a wonderful landscape and then passing over the Caspian Sea, what an extraudinary blue. the other 2 are Paris, the Magnolias starting to bloom and one lone tree believing spring is coming and bursting into leaf before all the rest! good on it.
10 March 2008

Jet lag, it is 4.00am and I am awake!
Yesterday was such a big day, walking, everywhere. I have my standard blisters back on my feet, although on one foot the skin is so thin from the last ones it is just aching not blistering.

Paris I seem to get lost a lot, not really lost as I have a map and it is well signposted, just distracted it is so beautiful and interesting. I wander with out really taking a great deal of notice. This is good as I find so many interesting things on the way.

It is the journey not the destination that is important.

I started out early, the streets were empty [ and it was about 7’C! so that may have had something to do with it] I felt like I had so many profound thoughts as I wandered along- now forgotten?

Crossing the road- I KNOW the cars come form the opposite direction, but in my heart, in my body I still expect them to come from the right. My relationship with Parveen was initially like that- I knew he was different….but it took years to really relax and believe it all the way through.
My father was a violent alcoholic, my Mother even less pleasant and a prescription junky, even though I know everyone is not like them it has taken years to get those expectations out of my core.

I went to the Museum Quai Branly - I have raved about their collection before, I remember it as being wonderful but I did not remember how wonderful until I was there again. I was really tough with myself yesterday only allowing myself to look at pieces that specifically relate to places I am researching. It was hard but kept me from going into overload at all the wonderful things present!

Highlights – a silken cloak from Madagascar with silver medallions,
Woven floor rugs from Morocco- such rich earth colours
Vietnamese Hill tribe costumes with such fine batik work and embroidery, a video on how the ladies make the ramie cloth that is used in the garments- I have been there and into the villages and seen the same thing- such patient work….

Ethiopian murals similar to that found in the rock churches…and a cloak of the Jimma people in southern Ethiopia.

Oh by the way the weather was freezing so I had a hot chocolate along the way- the hot chocolate of “Baguette et Chocolat” in Sapa, Vietnam is still the world’s best!
Bitter sweet and velvety to drink- even gorgeous Paris can’t beat that one.

Off to Bruges today, to meet an old friend, continue tour organization work…I look forward to wandering around with her for a few days, we have a mutual interest in textiles and travel and she is great to hang out with.

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Lisa Walton said...

You sound so calm and centres. I really admire what you have done and created your new life. Enjoy Paris - it is my favouritest place in the world. Have some cheese on a baguette for me or maybe a pain au chocolate.