Tuesday, March 18, 2008

can you see those lovely wind generators? they adorn the coast in this area, I always think they are waving their arms in hope for the future...oh and that is Africa beyond them!!!

Tarifa and an Easter Festival

I have found hotels with more walls but nojne with such a fine view!!

The old watch tower....

and the beach on the Atlantic side full of kite surfers, some type of mysterious modern birds, so charming...

17 March 2008.

It started out as a boring day-
2 nights without a proper sleep because I was in a noisy hotel, then the bus to my next location.
The bus trip Cordoba to Granada had been so lovely I was expecting something the same. Well Granada to Algeciras did not make that grade!
Once we hit the cost at Malaga all the way along it was wall to wall high rise. Yuk !!
I arrived in Algeciras only to find I had a 4 hour wait for my connecting bus
[ Sundays for you] Algeciras strikes me as the type of place you go to catch more transport somewhere else and as fast as you can. So I was there at least 3 hours and 59 minutes longer than I wanted to be there… by that time I was feeling very lonely, missing Parveen, my boys, wandering why I was here, perhaps I am crazy,
Perhaps the idea of a nice experience of the coast was ridiculous blah, blah, blah…
Well the bus finally did come and once we had got out of town the trip was glorious.

I could see Africa- it is so close and beautiful Tarifa is charming, just what I had hoped for, I was standing on the very southern point of Europe, I was between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, I could see Africa. And it had a wonderful tower, and some religious festival for Easter. Except for the Statue of Christ it had the same feel as a Hindu festival….
It finished a great day, I had tapas in a local bar and exchanged smiles with the locals…I still miss everyone but am back on track about what I am doing- the day definitely got better in the office.

Interesting French and Spanish men have a way of noticing you and if they appreciate the view letting you know in a nice way, happens in India too… it is only appreciation and feels alright [I wonder if they need glasses though…another story there…]
Other cultures the men look at you and the response is more then along the lines of what they could do with you…not a nice feeling to be the recipient of that.
Morocco and Tangiers today- how exciting the first step into Africa, I hope to be back many times, there are so many places to see…
I already have an itinerary for my trip here and am working with a few local people on the arrangements and will be back later in the year to eyeball everything…. more later I have a boat to catch and then the Kasbah and Grand Sorocco....

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