Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tangiers, first footstep into Africa

come enter the Medina and then up the hill to the Kasbah... love those djellabah cloaks...and the narrow alleyways

in the Kasbah garden..

and the shops...many picnics nessecary with all the beautiful produce

mint tea at this time of year has citrus blossom added. yum, very sweet, refreshing and I am sure addictive!

tagine, a yummy type of stew...

a gentleman getting the silk waft ready down the length of the street
to weave a length of silken fabric to be made into a djellah cloak- how desirable

shoes are seriously gorgeous

a silk shop, every colour you can imagine to waeve the fabric for djellah...see the man above ...

love those cloaks

a street with carpet shops..

following ladies in those cloaks....i can wait to get out and about more in seems so exciting

18 March 2008,
Thank you India!!
I was in Tangiers to get a taster of Morocco, couldn’t wait when I was so close.
I had read in some book that it can be a bit of a hassle- touts, hawkers, taxis etc so was just a touch nervous.
BUT!! I am used to India and am finding nothing is a hassle after getting used to her.
When Parveen and I were in Vietnam we giggled a few times, as we were warned of potential hassles and just thought – mate you have not seen India!

I can see this is going to be a fun place to explore!.
Tangiers is just the tip of the iceberg- a busy port, full of European day-trippers and legal and illegal immigrants waiting to go to Europe, so much of her charm is a bit tanished….still Morocco’s potential lies before me- what an adventure to start and peek.
I can see I am going to have serious problems with baggage in the future.
I found samples of the ‘Cactus silk’ floor rugs woven by the Berber people I think- gorgeous, and Berber rugs woven of various wools [sections woven, embroidered and some parts knotted] –wow, not to mention the shoes the ladies wear called Babosh I think, and the cloaks- Return of the Jedi cute,
I love the traditional wool ones but also saw some glorious silk and cotton ones…. from daydream heaven- Fiona

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