Saturday, March 08, 2008

finishing tour and off again!

just had a lovely last few days on tour, busy but fun, indigo dying with Mr Dhindal, much to the amusemnt on the neighbourhood
visited an amazing goldwork and embroidery museum . huge pieces all finely stitched by a gentleman in the traditions that were used to embellish the emporers clothes. The stones on the pic above a precious and semi precious, they sparkle beautifully! The silk hand dyed the workmanship exquisite.
and upstairs is a jewelery shop, the bling on this smiling lady is all real emeralds from Murghal times! India is full of so many treasures and extremes- poverty and ancient riches. mind boggling.

off to Paris in the morning- very exciting in some
ways but so hard leaving Parveen here, lots to do so I can get back here.
Interesting... I keep getting little messages from friends that they are keeping up with what I am doing through this blog- I invite you to turn the table and drop me a note about your exploits. it will get a little lonely leaving India behind for the next few months.
best wishes Fiona

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