Sunday, March 02, 2008

tie and die- although one lady thought it would be the death of her!

hanging around in a beautiful old step well near the wonderful Anokhi Museum
Sunrise Udaipur

2 March, 2008

Still on tour, been having a great time.
I was just thinking we are so adaptable- what ever we do often becomes commonplace to us. For some that could be living in the lap of luxury, for others in a humpy beside the road… whichever it becomes normal… you might be fortunate to move from one to the other in time the new would be normal and the other a vague memory.

Sharing places with my clients means they never become just ordinary, I am always looking out for the special to share, always sharing their wonder at the places…I am reminded I am lucky to have this life, what a blessing.

We have just come from Udaipur and a workshop with our friend Yaqob.
Such fun watching the responses to the exacting work of tying the fabrics before dyeing.
Been making jokes one of our ladies was a real squarker about the tying, and still is but she, like the rest persisited and made a great effort, look at them drying on the line.

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