Friday, April 11, 2008

a helping hand please.

hello all,

thank you for the comments on my recent posts...

it was a bit political I guess, I had not thought of it that way just a concern for the people at the centre of these locations....

as you might know I am very supportive of a streetkids project in Pushkar Rajasthan...
well I have made a new website [ and will look after it ] for them...the internet is such a valuable tool for sharing information.

Do you mind looking over the new site
and letting me know about glitches, typos and etc.

If there is something you find can you site the exact page it is on, so I can track it.
try the email addresses to for a quick hello and to see they work- if you write I will reply and we will know it works...

Building a website is a big task, checking it is harder when you know it so well

thanks in advance

aren't the little munchkins cute? I do enjoy being involved with kids [ and happy not to be the permanent teacher- I must admit]

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Fiona

I have nominated you for an arte y Pico award- and yes books and their covers- when my children are grown I hopefully will be doing things to change some of those perceptions good on you for doing that!