Friday, April 18, 2008

The California Rug and her creater Vicki Fraser, sorry my photos just do not do either of them justice, surfice to say they are gorgeous.
A glimpse at the beautiful coastline around Mendocino

14 April 2008,
Is he getting to know me so well?
I was talking to Parveen and telling him I had been asked to come back to teach [I have also been saying to him I want to wind down- it is hard work…] and he laughed!
I was surprised, he usually fusses, or worries not laughs –when I asked why he said “well you work too hard and are tired but if you sit still you get bored and start thinking of things to do…what am I to do with you?”
Nice isn’t it? when we are in the same location I know he tries to look after me by distracting me, take me to a movie or dinner, things to chill out but I think he knows when I go off I over do it to fill up the time until I get back to India.
I do find the pace of life there healthier for me.
Nice to feel known.

Been up to Mendocino the week end – such a lovely place north of San Francisco. Saturday the sun was warm, the water like glass and the balmy air piqued by the scent of the sea and the redwood forests all around, Sunday dawned with the same promise and then in the space of a breath clouds rolled up from the sea and all became cool, damp and mysterious, no more view just the echo of the sea bell through the mist.
Met up again with a friend I made last time Vicki Fraser, she is a master weaver who has been tired to the town, almopst literally, for the last 14 years creating a wonderful rug encompassing the State of California. Truly beautiful work it is now off the loom and being groomed for presentation. All the materials come from the State and the dyes are all naturally derived -a monumental task she had set herself and achieved.
With her baby ready to fly the nest what will Vicky’s next challenge be?
We are talking of her joining me as co-host on some of my tours in the future- with her extensive expertise in weaving and many things textile- oh wow.

I caught the local bus up to Mendocino, listening in on conversations [ I am a shameless snooper when travelling, gives you a feel of the local character] the hot topic is the need for change. People here feel trapped behind an Administration that is not looking after them, involving them in things that are none of their business and not doing anything to address the very pressing issues of most of the country- poverty, lack of education opportunities and adequate housing and health care.
This is supposed to be one of the most affluent countries in the world and yet if you step of the gravy streets you could be in a third world country with a level of potential violence you don’t often find over there.
I wander everywhere in India and many other places and never feel in danger, in America I have a few times walked into the wrong area, in broad daylight and realised it was real stupid! So sad people anywhere have to live that way- this country is not supposed to be a war zone.???is all one can do.

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