Thursday, April 03, 2008


3 April 2008
New York, been hanging out with a friend wandering around New York.
Robin has girls and likes to shop and look, this is rather novel for me as I am not used to this approach but it has been fun, as she mainly looks at textile type things.

So we have hit braid shops has unbelievable stuff,
Beads on Fifth were wonderful. Fabrics go to Mood Fabrics all have wonderful ranges and seemed to have very good prices, these were like lolly shops for grown ups.
New York is such a buzz, so big but really walkable from one end to the other. Today there is a chill breeze but yesterday was balmy so we spent hours in the evening just wandering the streets looking at all the lights and people, very enjoyable.

This morning we pushed our way through Arctic blasts north along the edge of Central Park to the Frick Museum . What treasures! This was the home of the iron magnate HC Frick, this was his private home, and it does have a home like feel which is amazing as it is also really opulent and full of the most wonderful collection of pieces. What a range…Gainsborough’s…look at the delicate backgrounds, inspiration for subtle effects in felt for scarves…majestic Titians in a magnificent masculine room….rare 15 century enamelware, luscious vibrant colours, lively imagery. 2 Turners, such wonderful light he catches, simple layers of paint fine details and such impact…I love Turner. Medieval Egg Tempura paintings, lot of gold and vivid colours, some details impressed into the surface…my eyes are full of such splendours today.

A yummy scarf in a shop window...just passing...

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