Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still places in Fiji and the snow in NY

Cental Park, beautiful and full of people walking their dogs but so small I thought, when seen from movies it seems like it stretches out a long way, when walking it is quick tp cover the area.

The babbling brook next to my classroom.
We started our class last night and I said to the group how exotic the landscape seemed to me. Most kind of laughed- exotic for them this is normal and a bit to much of normal where is the spring!
all kinds of jokes about the area- 2 seasons in the year- coming into winter and winter...

things that amuse a foreigner- snow on the window, everytime we stopped the car more would fall down off the roof.

29 March 2008.

New York was smaller than I expected, it is only first impressions and it sure is tall, but Central Park didn’t seem that big, I will be back next week so can do lots more leg work, they have so many museums I look froward to.

Now up State and we had a wonderful snow fall yesterday, the scenery is amazing.
And I can see the moon out [it is 4.30am] so this day should have blue sky, the first colour in palette, up until now everything is black and white.

It is strange I am here in the snow and talking to the lady organizing my workshop in Fiji, sorting out the last details.
Fiji is tropical, warm all green and amazing flowers of many bright colours, the waters gently lapping on the beach…..such a contrast!...
just beautiful I do look forward to it just like I am enjoying almost the opposite here.

Still a few places by the way for those seeking a wonderful escape week.

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