Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Francisco hmmm??

Just out walking, been hearing sirens all day and now there are helicopters overhead.

I went out for a walk away from where I thought the action would be. People everywhere seem a little twitchy, some young guys asked if I had seen protesters...

cops everywhere, all the homeless people and there are alot in sight seem aditated today as well.

Many people here talk 'en plein air' not all use a mobile phone.
Perhaps the helicopters and sirens are interupting the reception for those doing it 'au natural'..... I don't know...but they seem agitated today.

I have sympathy for the protestors when they are non-violent. Gandhi used peaceful protest to bring light on a dark situation and eventually change, the protestors are bravely trying to help bring scutiny into nationas actions.
On the TV they are talking about the disappointment of the flame runners, yes I am sorry for them but they do come from a background that has supported them to excel in their chosen field. The protestors are asking for that type of freedom for other peoples across the world.

I do hope the sports people get to compete, they have worked hard... yet I wonder what I would do if I was in their situation, I do not want to sweep under the carpet the genocide happening in part of the host country,
I have met many Tibetan refugees in India, non-violent pressure is what they continually work for, the right to keep their own culture, speak their native tongue in schools, equal opportunity in the their country...

gentle, determined and ever purposeful people, I can only admire.

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