Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Art Gallery of NSW

I had the best day imaginable yesterday.

My nearly 19 year old son- Zacharia instigated a big day out with me in Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW!

yes! yes! he suggested to me we visit there and hang out.

here is my darlin' boy plus the flu- don't he make an old mummy proud!
I had the Sunday Arts programme on the TV a few weeks ago, the phone rang so I answered, Zac came in around then and I expected he would take the opportunity to change channels but he didn't- his interest was piqued????!!!

Bill Viola's video art caught his eye..http://www.billviola.com/ and he suggested we check them out.

well- yes please!

The piece was wonderful we just wanted more than the one on offer, then we cruised the gallery[ Zac leading] and looked at many things...

he has been designing logos for Tshirts, has initiated a visit with a local screen printer to learn more and has been painting a lot lately - grafitti inspired canvases with strong social commments- he has quietly converted the boys back shed into a comfortable studio for himself.

Just starting to really grow up and emerge from his coccoon- it is lovely to see the man who is emerging

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