Sunday, June 01, 2008

Creative Arts Safaris- a hard day in the office!

Working for yourself -when you say a hard day in the office it can be a VERY long day, and everything is your responsibility....but when your office mostly consists of your laptop and what is stuffed into your head the office can be located where ever you choose! [Yesterday that included 7 hours driving to Sydney and back as well!]
Not bad a bad office...this is Dijanne Cevaal in my office yesterday. [ sorry Dijanne I know you said you were not keen on photos- you were very kind to allow this shot!]
we were discussing ideas for Dijanne to work with Creative Arts Safaris [ and very lucky we would be]
She is a very talented artist, experienced teacher, keen traveller [Africa, Middle East so far she says] and through exhibitions she has curated and travelled, she has done much to share Australian Textile Art and a hand of friendship across Europe and the Middle East.
very exciting to think of working together -keep an eye on to see what we dream up together...
To try her out for the hard task at hand we used Sydney as our playground, we had to visit galleries, chat, look through interesting shops, discuss textiles, eat at my favourite lunch cafe Wahwah Lounge- Danks Street Waterloo, starting to cover the million and one details that go into thinking of [the easy part- a good textile fix is easy to get enthusisatic about] and now for me- planning ALL the details...
She is good company, keen, sssssssoooooo knowledgable and passionate about textiles and this will be fun.
Watch out world we are on a textiles' mission- for me I don't need to own them all but I would certainly love to see a heck of a lot of them -especially when I can off the beaten track and out to their home territory in interesting locations!
Dijanne wonderful experiences in Syria has certainly got my juices flowing ever since reading William Dalrymple's "Road to Xanadu" I have wanted to visit the places of the Old Silk Road and this was a major staging post. WOW!

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