Thursday, July 03, 2008

beaded jewelery and fabric painting

Went visiting a friend the other day- she makes the most scumptuous jewelery- I felt like I had opened the treasure chest in Aladdin's cave.
It is mostly based on stitched bead work and she was making a pile of suggestions we might be able to use at Shakti Project for income generation.
[ I am sorry these photos don't have enough sparkle and OOOOHHHH effect- the peices were truely lovely]

Her taste in combining semi-precios stones, perals and glass beads is what makes them work so well, all her suggestions I have noted down and they will become the basis of a design package I can share with those wanting to develop these ideas further at Shakti Project.

I have been excited and nervous about the big move...just saying that makes nervous bubbles pop has been good to go through my stuff, realise what I no longer want and put aside those things that I do want.
Very good therapy!
I used to paint fabric everyday, which
I miss, I then had to sew it into clothes everynight- which I DO NOT Miss at all!This is a dupatta [ a scarf an Indian lady would wear], it is the finest silk ][ you can see the tabletop markings behind it] I am getting ready for my new life based more in India...I love the clothes and feeling so feminie in a Salwar Chemise and scarf...all

floaty and beautiful colours and so feminine...and being foreign I can be a real dinky-di Ozzie girlie some days in a pair of pants and a Tshirt!
I plan to put a beaded edge along the scarf so it drapes well and does not float off with the slightest breeze.

OK off to packing and sneezing for a while, then packing and off to work in warm Cairns, far noth Queensland for the week end!

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