Friday, July 11, 2008

Far North Queensland and Hundertwasser and Klee

Last weekend it was Far North Queensland and teaching the workshop "Inspired by Hundertwasser and Klee"
Completely enjoyable and wonderful and responsive class and a superb location.
Here is a little scenery in and out of the classroom.
I enjoy the sharing of teaching I always feel as inspired as I hope I send my students hope feeling.

Doesn't the Universe work in mysterious ways?
I have not done much art work myself recently and been questioning if it is a valid use of my time -considering volunteer work I could do and etc...
where can I make the best contribution to the world?
Last night a small suggestion at a dinner led to a small opening for producing a piece that was in the back of my mind for a while as a little wish and then this morning an email from someone I had been dreaming with for an exhibition in I suppose there is an answer for me.
Do the lot!
Madly packing up my house, getting rid of much has dust on it and has not been touched for a while, why do we keep those things?
By handing it on, recycling it -it is going to be valued and used by someone else, rathering than just making a storage issue.
It is sad sometimes the packing up and moving on, this is a whole new phase of my life...yet the closer I get to minimising some of my responsibilities and traveling light for a while the more exciting it seems.
I miss being Mum and hanging with my boys but it is a normal part of life for them to grow up and become independent, about time I did too!

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