Friday, July 25, 2008

Bhutan- trextile trails

I met a lovely couple- Moira and Phil.
it is amazing what fun you can cook up in a hotel room- now if my sons heard me say that , they would snicker...but you know I am a textile person so of course it was to talk textiles!!
Just being cheely!
Back to the story, Moira and Phil have a special place in their heart for Bhutan, initially they went there to trek, now they return to visit friends and help with medical matters in the country.
This is Moira proudly displaying a kira[ traditional woman's dress] woven for her by a friend Dorjie. This very fine work is similar to pices Dorjie has produced for the royal family.
and in a way it is what brought us together.

Since falling under the spell of Bhutan and its friendly people Moira and Phil have had fund raising events to bring books for schools and medical journals to hospitals, they heard of my tours and thought I might be interested in bringing visitors to the country.

That is an easy one, "YES!! please."
It is a magical country , The Land of the Peaceful Dragon, its king was famously quoted a few years ago as saying "Gross National Happiness" was more important than Gross National Profit as he gently brings his country into the modern world.
So come 2010 I will be heading off to Bhutan at the time the rhododendrums flower with a tour group...stay tuned to for more details

These silks drying on my front verandah represent an end to an a farewell flag to Gresford and Australia, they will be the last I get to dye and dry in Australia, I imagine- brings a lump to my throat.

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