Thursday, August 07, 2008

last days, madness

Last week end was down south teaching and this was my view of Sydney coming home.
[I was in the traffic- driving at the time] The sky was wonderful sweet soft light, a lovely memory to be my last view od Sydney for some time.
Today I clear out my house a small amount goes into storage, lots has been given away to friends, charity and second hands shops.
I tend to have big clear outs often yet am still amazed at what you can accumulate.
Do you like my flowers?
They are already blooming in my garden- the weird thing is they always come out for my middle son's birthday on 19 August [every year since he was born, it has been that same week]...I was thinking i would miss them this year- and here they are coming out over 3.5 weeks early.
I am happy but what does it say for the climate..the timing has been an observation I have made every year for the last 19.

One of my students recently was saying" keep up the blog"

she likes to tune in and see what I have been doing...OK
just isn't a funny thing...I write this all alone and basically started because I was lonely and wanted to talk to someone...I have a number of times met someone who was listening- even though I did not realise it until later.
as I often travel alone t is good to be able to put my excitement out there and share it...still feels like a funny old world.
UK and the Morocco in the net few weeks- I will have plenty of textile tales to share- stay tuned
bye- Fiona :)

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