Friday, August 22, 2008

22 August Lots of pics- Fez is fantastic!! Moroccan impressions so far… - hot, dry air- hair has the same wild crispness as India- bring your creamiest conditioner - friendly people - need to polish my schoolgirl French [ the blokes sound so sexy here] - love the old, old men in their djellabah’s they all have a pointy hood often with a little tassel - food delicious, Moorish even – in both senses of the word - traffic jam in the Medina[market] 2 donkeys with loads passing - Fez’s Birthday this year Old Fez is 1200 years old!! Happy Birthday to you [ New Town is only around 700 years old and Fez Centrale was built in early 1900’s] - much of old Fez is the same as it has always been the biggest change in those 1200 years has been the recent one of adding TV satellite dishes to the roofs. - Medina and souks so wonderful…easy and interesting to get lost, then you follow the busiest stream of people and come back to somewhere you know. - Passed orchards of olive, fig, pomegranate, and citrus on the way to town - Balra or in French Bobouche are the most highly desirable Moroccan slippers- I want some but the choice is so overwhelming I don’t know is I can decide on which pair! - Next time a Berber rug is also definitely on the agenda as well.

Glorious Cactus Silk, being coloured in the Dyers Street

available as a multitude of colours in thread, woven into braids and fabrics

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