Friday, August 22, 2008


21 August
Morning braving warmish [coolish really but not freezing] rain to pick blackberries and raspberries in hedgerows [ I will admit I probably ate more than I collected]- this is an English summer, mind you.
Enter a tunnel of light and wander along it for a while…hey presto I am in the warmth of southern Spain.
That tunnel of light description is what it always feels like once you enter the airport, you are removed from the everyday world and moving along corridors to a new place.
Seems similar to some descriptions of dying, and put in those terms it does not seem such a fearful event just a transition to a new existence.
Well this transition saw me sitting in a café eating taps with a glass of red wine a few hours later. I love Southern Spain- great pace of life.
And they landscape is the type I respond to, somewhat arid, desert type colours…
I was lucky last time I visited morocco- the sky was really clear so I could see Africa across the Straights of Gibraltar- all clear with wonderful magneta/purple shadows on the mountains.
This time hazy but everything ran smoothly.
I am off to tweak the finishing touches to a tour for next year, so it 3 weeks in the office really, but I am also very tired and need a bit of a rest…so have not finalised any arrangements.
I have a list [long list actually] of people to see, things to check but am going to take it at a relaxed pace. All I had was my first 2 nights booked the rest will wait and see- the Gods are always kind and I meet the best people this way.
The King's palace in New Fez, the gates and peaking through, it is not open to visitors so remains a mystery, rather tantilizing really....

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