Sunday, August 31, 2008

Erb Chebbi

not long after we arrived at our Auberge [guesthouse] a sand storm blew up, so quickly you had mouth fulls of sand...
then a few fat lazy rain drops again....

Mahamod suggested I might like a trip to check out the area...what else does one do in a snadstorm?
I was game, we came to a place he likes, a village 15 km distant, the inhabitants wer brought to the area 100's of years ago as slaves from Sudan and never left.

they are the Gneau people and famed for their music.
Inly the 2 of us their they quickly offer tea, peanuts and ask us to sit, soon all these beautiful young men, gorgeous in the same way Will Smith is with his huge friendly smile arrive and share with us the most wonderful music.
drums, cymbols, percssion and then some type of guitar thing- it made your heart full.

sunrise from my hotel

the courtyard, inside is full of life, safe from the outside world...

outside is like a Kasbah of old...
very friendly and comfortable

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