Thursday, September 04, 2008

Definition of an Oasis

I have always loved words, and admired the pictures they can build, since I was a small child I could have given you a definition of the word oasis...and yet until just a few days ago I really did not know what it meant at all.

These images are of a small oasis at near Mergouza, right next to the first true sand dunes field of the Sahara....with water a palmerie can be planted and life can be sustained.
You can see from the first image there is a distict line between life and where life can only cling.

The richness inside the oasis is only to be imagined a fe paces outside of it.
At the moment it is the time of the date harvest so the trees a heavy with their bounty...

This is where we were driving a few minutes before stopping...The Sahara is made up of 3 components sand, rock and salt desert...

Just outside as well... a well.

Inside is another world, life layered in together- the protective over layer of the dates palms above, then tightly packed underneath I saw almonds, apricots, henna, a lemon...and other bushes and shrubs I can not name, though I am sure they all had a use and then the lowest layer of vegetables and cereal crops...
I think the strength of the light and dryness of the air allows them all to grow so happily together.
Fertilizer is animal all is incredibly healthy as well

that is the Sahara watching over it

The water chanel through the middle- as you follow it you often smell mint crushed under foot [which goes into the famed mint tea of North Africa]
My friend Mohamod...not only is he great guide, passionate about his desert, he is a real foodie as well and fabulous to wander along with. He knows all the best eating places, best market stalls for dates...etc
Thank you Mohamed you really opened this world up for me, visiting any where with a passionate local always helps you see deeper into the area.

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