Saturday, September 06, 2008


Yesterday was the most glorious blue sky day,
I felt as content as this cat!

That little island and building in the distance is the site of one of the places in ancient times were the fabled Tyrian Purple was extracted from sea creatures...

The day was followed by the most perfect sunset I have ever experienced, out over the Atlantic Ocean

While all this has been unfolding back home I have been having a few dramas...Telstra the Australian telephone network said one day to move my line when I was leaving...I spent hours and hours on the phone and was promised it would be done the day I left...since then my mates have had to cotinue the action.
You don't get a contacts name so every time you need to enquire you have to go through the same long story again!!! and again!!!
An ex-goverment who sold off Australian's assets and free market ecconomies-this is what happens the little people are left out in the cold.
I think it is sorted now...and in the same week Parveen lost his mobile- that man! a new number to sorted out....
And for one of our clients it has also been hell, her bank's computers seized when she was trying to make payments, then her computer server crashed...she is trying to leave a message on my phone and thanks to Telstra it is not happening....
I was away from communication for 4 days in the Sahara...she thought we had all abandoned her.
Thankfully my mobile works -we have spoken and things are starting to sort out.
The communication systems we have and the computer are truely wonderful tools when they work but sometimes are such a source of stress...
I hope for her and all those stressed by communications the peace of yesterday's sunset may be upon them! I think today's is shaping up as well so a double bessing for all.
In Morocco Ramadan is being celebrated, all Muslins fast during the day and with the setting of the sun, the fast is broken.
With the setting of the sun in this town sirens blast out and all the kids cheer as they race home to feast- it is such fun to be a part of it even if at one remove. It is a very special time of year.
Something funny I saw on the way to Essaouira.
This dry landscape is home to the legendary argon tree for a bit of info.
the goats have traditionally been a feature of production and have learnt to climb the trees....amazing huh?

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