Saturday, September 06, 2008

ok foodies...let the taste buds salivate!!

There is a whole heap of images here, and impressions from different places a banquet to share with you.
This delightfrul morsel was a modern twist on a tradition pastilla.
Traditionally there is a parcel in a filo type pastry full of chicken and/or pigeon along with spices, almonds and other good things- pan fried in butteruntil all crispy and wonderful. This delightful parcel was stuffed with seafood....yyyuuummmm

Spakia and palmeriers for afternoon tea
Tea should be poured with a bit of ceremony, usually the first cup is put back in the pot and it is always poured from a great height, locals only fill the glasses half way ...oodles of it is drunk

Tagine of little lamb meatballs, in a rich tomato base- the egg is popped into the sauce to cook on the way to the table

love the markets- this open air beauty is at Azrou

everything was available-
carpets, clothing, lots of fresh produce, meat still on the hoof and
this traditional medicine man selling all parts of the Ostrich for your health care needs

Lamb Targine cooked by a mate of Mohamd's at Taroudant...with my group we have an invitation to help shop in the market and go home to help cook as well- will be fun and delicious

sorry the photo was blurry- i was in a hurry- it smelt so good.
Possibly you are seeing the tastiest chicken brochettes in the world!!
if only we had smell-o-rama and taste-o-rama!
Marinated for 24 hours in saffron, finally chopped red onion, fresh corriander, lemon jiuce and olive oil and charcol grilled.
Tender and all the flavours dancing on your tongue...hmmmm

The man himself! Mohamed.
I will be working with him in Morocco and what a great guy- this photo sums him up...friendly, so informative, passionate about the desert, a real foodie
[ this was the day before Ramadan starts- so he was happy to be able to visit before the fasting starts.
I really appreciated spending time talking about everything under the sun with him and especially learning more about Islam as practiced by the vast majority of the world's Muslim people it is path of peace like all religions are supposed to be- thank you very much M], here we are in a little hole in the wall cafe where Mohamed promised me the best treat and he was so right.
A bit to digest? it was yum doing the research...

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