Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pushkar and her Holy Lake

Well I have been here a week, have a house all sorted out...unpacking my new sewing machine today...I have an idea for another body of work.
I have been to the market many times but woke bright and early and realised I had not paid my respects to the Lake yet, so just after the sun rose I was off...
up over the hill to the main bazaar and turn left to walk clockwise around the lake...
little glimpses through doorways and this was the first good view

Pahkar at her best...so green as we were blessed with a good Monsoon this year. In the 5 years I have been coming here this is the first time it has been such a bright colour!
I kind of feel it is a welcoming present to my new home.

Across the Lake [the main part of the village is behind the Ghats [steps down to the water]
Pushkar is only a village, hardly big enough to be called a town, it only has a population of around 20,000 people [+1 Aussie].
Aren't things different, I used to live in a village in Australia, population 3-400 and a population of 20, 000 would be a large town!
Making my way back over the hill to my place I passed many lovely doorsteps, all swept and scrubbed down, clean for the day....

So when I got home thought I should follow there example and sweep my entrance, we have a little ramp, thoughtfully provided in case we should have a motor bike and wish to wheel it inside overnight! [A common practice] Notice my broom, no long handle so it can be a bit hard on the back, but nice and flicky and good to get the sand moving.
Locally made from the pampas grass that grows everywhere about. Industrious small business locals make for themselves to generate an income.

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