Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working for Groovy Food

My friends run a catering company Groovy Food,
Their food is all organic and terrific.

Good for them word is getting around and so they are often very busy, I arrived at one of those moments, so have had a great few days working with them in the kitchen....
this is the dramatic sky that awaited this morning...and see the company car, it is run on BioGas.
the gas comes from the local tip- all waste in Sweden is recycled- methane from composting plant matter and such powers this new breed of car.
The few things that can't be recycled are burnt and the heat generated is used to heat water in Sweden [ this is something you need, not only for showers but to heat houses- winter is freezing] That water is then piped around the city, if you choose to hook up to it you have endless hot water, produced in a clean way and your bill will always be one third the cost of normal heating.
Great ideas the Swedes have...

Some of our work, pizza rolls and a wheat pilaf.
biol whole wheat grains with cumin seeds...
separatly roast diced carrot, parsnip, fennel, onions and garlic with a few cumin seeds until all caramelised and yummy, scatter with saltanas.
Layer onto a plate and top with a dollop of garlic sauce [strained yoghurt, creme fesh and garlic]Delicious!
Making deliveries- that is Lena in the green top.

Their pet Chinchilla, so soft, cute and naughty, you do spend a lot of time chasing it around the innocent looking

Me - to prove I was in the kitchen- I will need a holiday after the 3 days holiday with my mates!

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