Monday, October 13, 2008

Gypsy Beadwork

Still playing around with bag ideas,
have all these lovely old saris to chop up, handles are a question
suggestions always welcome email me
There is some amazing Gypsy beadwork around so I asked if it was possible to meet some people, it so happens Shadu, who used to go to Shakti as a lad is of the gypsy people and he turned up on my doorstep with some lovely necklases and a gypsy outfit for me to see.

I am thinking a beaded handle in plain strong coloured glass beads [those shiny ones with a silver lining might work well...

Thank you to Judy Nolan who mentioned me on her blog last week, she is a talented lady I met in a workshop once or twice and was my colour use as an inspiration for her...
thank you [look at her wonderful weaving- such patience]
At the moment I am so busy doing other things my studio practice is flagging- I have a wonderful lead on an idea and hope a visit to the Murghal miniatures in the National Museum in Delhi will get me going again...
off on tour in a few days, the excitmet of welcoming new visitors and sharing some amazing places I love looms large as an enjoyment to look forward to.
Just sent some money to the ladies of Rwanda, I hope it helps them to others care and it helps them get a new start going...
a good buzz, I do care

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