Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Diwali overlooking Lake Picola

Dinner overlooking Lake Picola for Diwali
I think my man is the biggest kid of them all- he had such fun buying a hiuge bag of firwaorks and letting them all off!!

Best location for a workshop was in the garden of the ladies quarters in an old Fort. See all our wonderful second hand saris draped around as decorations

dancing in the desert with the gypsy people.


It has been a busy time, a tour of textiles in India,
Great group of people but a tour that was a lot of hard work…still as ever it was a pleasure visiting people like Mr Dindel our mud resist and indigo dye expert…or Yaqob-ji our friend in Udaipur for tie and dye, Taj Mahal is more beautiful each vsit…so lucky to see her again.
Diwali [in many ways kind of like a Hindu version of Christmas –but more exciting]was celebrated with full festivities in Udaipur.
Diwali is a festival to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, a special time of year to put aside all grievances of the year [yes! go and sort out differences, leave your whinges and whines behind] and start a fresh; find a positive outlook on life and look through that angle regularly.
You will be surprised how good life can be when you see a cup half full, not half empty.
If it is half empty do something positive about filling it up, don’t fall in a heap and moan….what good does it do anyone?
Ahh yes you can get a feel for some of my recent experiences….it happens, it is important to learn from these things and important to maintain one’s own desired outlook on life, not fall into the moans oneself!
Above are some of the wonderful fireworks we saw and some we let off- millions of fireworks go off at Diwalli all across the country- so magical.

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