Monday, October 06, 2008

Indian Textiles

Look at this blanket, isn't it superb?
it is handwoven by gypsy people from out towards Jaisalmir way....I bought it for the lounge in my office...the workmanship is so lovely I like to stroke it...

I am worried people will start to talk...I am always visiting the Ayog Khadi Shop- it sells handloom textiles -made by local village people, lovely hand spun, hand loom cottons [produced according to Gandhi's idea of everyone spending an hour or two a day working by hand...another story to tell allof it]

The colours are earthy, the texture great to touch, I have made pants out of these cloths in the past and they became so soft with wear.
This time I am going to cover bolsters for the lounge [Starting with nothing means I can plan what we have in the house, co-ordinate things...decorate]

A view from my rooftop at sunrise...just keeping an eye on the neighbours. There are many little dye workshops around me and so some wonderful they had been overdying a bunch of old saris to freshen the colour so the roof was draped in magenta silks. This is to the left of my house towards the rising sun.

Straight out in front, is this superb view...yes I know we have a water tower in the middle but do you know how lucky we are to have running water in town [most of the time?] It is pretty good as well!
Everyday [except Sunday]I am at school, it is intense we do extra lessons so so there are constant streams of kids saying give me more work! Music to my ears.
Our funds run out in January [surely the Gods will send more donations]
but we also need to help ourselves
I am thinking of a shop on Ebay...for some of the fabulous textiles we come across.
Only things from makers we can identify and know the money goes into their that blanket at the top...there is also wonderful local bead work and embroidery... what do you think?
Comments, suggestions, your experience with ebay would be appreciated.
A few of our girls...quiet for a change. The little girl dressed in green is our Cinderella, a lovely quiet girl, she is no longer allowed to attend school, being an orphan she has the duty of looking after the 6 children of her host family. She is allowed to bring the younger ones to Shakti [the older ones go to school through our programme]and if they are not causing too much trouble she gets stuck into school work every moment she is there!
This is of her own volition but just one example of the determination of some of the kids to get an education.
We need to step lightly with her Auntie so she can continue to come and we will do everything we can to help her in her goals. She is about 10 years old at the moment.

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